Salut à Toi
Multipurpose, multi frontend, free (libre) and decentralised communication tool.

SàT includes several sub-projects. Libervia, a web interface to discuss and blog with the persons of your choice, is one of them:

Please read our FAQ before trying out
Libervia demo version


SàT covers a large spectrum of the Internet functions and uses:
  • Chat with one or many contacts, in public or private rooms.
  • Organize contact groups and restrict the visibility of your messages.
  • End-to-end encryption makes your communications private.
  • Blogging system to share instant thoughts or write longer articles.
  • File sharing, games, interaction with other networks.


Multi frontend

SàT can be used via different interfaces, each of them being a sub-project, but the heart of the software remains the same. You can use SàT:
  • with a browser through the web interface Libervia
  • inside a console user interface
  • through a command line

Other frontends are planned (telephones, desktop).



SàT is not only open source, it's Libre and follows the free software philosophy ("free" as in freedom) because it's the best way to develop a software, but also in the spirit of sharing. In addition, SàT follows a social contract: a moral engagement with the user.

Social contract


SàT has many similarities with the email network. For instance, there is no big server where all the data is kept, but many servers managed by different entities. This is the only way to fight against censorship, to hinder governmental surveillance and to keep control of your data - you don't want your private pictures or intimate messages to be in the hands of an untrusted commercial company, do you?

The association

Salut à Toi and Libervia are developed by a non-profit and self-managed association. We are fighting against the hold-up of the Internet by private corporations and abusive governmental control. Do you want to help us? The membership is open to everybody and the amount of the contribution is up to you, from 0 to 100€. Even joining for free means something to us, it is moral support!


Run it yourself!

If you enjoyed testing our demonstration version of Libervia and if you have the technical knowledge to do it, you can download the software and run it on your own machine. Even better, you can host a public Libervia server and help the decentralisation! Our goal is not to host every account on our server... we don't want your data!