Salut à Toi's association

The legal structure supporting the project.


The Salut à Toi association has been created in June 2014 and is responsible for developing, promoting and funding the software. More generally, its goal is to create free, independent and controllable communication tools. "Controllable" has to be understood this way: the tool is doing exactly what you want and it will stay under your control. So it applies both to the present and the future.


The association is non-profit, self-managed and open for everybody to join. There is no designated president, secretary or treasurer, the administrating entity is a college that is today composed by the two main developers: Jérôme who started this as a personal project in 2008 and Adrien who joined him in 2013.


We have put a lot of time and energy on “Salut à Toi” and we hope to be able to continue. The software should always be free (libre) and ethical; we are totally against advertisement and we believe in mutual help. We are confident that the people who enjoy what we do will be numerous enough and happy to support us by joining the association and paying a membership fee.

Because the money should not create any separation between us, the people who cannot or who do not want to participate financially can still join the association for free and as moral support. The French law doesn't allow members to decide the amount of payment, so we had to fix several amounts in the Rules of Procedure: 0, 10, 20, 30, 50, 80 or 100. If you want to raise over 100 €, it is possible to do it as a donation (which is not the same as a membership fee). In that case, please contact us. As we want to stay 100% independent and autonomous, we won't allow any company to hi-jack the project and we won't add any commercial logo to the website.


We also think about other funding sources that are compatible with our social contract and ethical view, in particular technical services (assistance, customisation or features development released under a free - as in “freedom” - license).

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