Salut à Toi's community

Join us to talk, contribute or share about Salut à Toi

Contact the association

To contact the managers of the association, please write an email to contact@salut-a-toi.invalid (replace invalid with org).

Enter the chat room

Salut à Toi's multi-user chat room is the best place to discuss the project. There are many ways to join it, for example using Libervia, but if you prefer to not create any account, just click the following link: Please note that you can't send an email to this chat room: its identifier looks like an email address but it's not!

Follow the development and learn

On the main developer's blog, you'll get recent information/reflections about SàT's features (and also more general ones):

You can subscribe to the users mailing list to follow the progression, give your opinion and contribute:

You'll find some user documentation on the wiki:égorie:Documentation_utilisateur


SàT is an open project: come and discuss, give your opinion and share your thoughts. The more people that participate, the better the project will be. Share your view not only on technical points, but also on philosophical or political ones. And if you are around, come to have a talk in real life :)