The archives containing the source code


This page allows you to download SàT and its related projects source code. There is not (yet) an installer to double click to make it work out of the box.

We are thinking about a way to allow everybody to easily install SàT at home, but for now it will seem difficult to the persons who are not familiar with GNU/Linux operating systems. For the Windows and MacOS users, the best way to test SàT for now is to visit our demonstration website running Libervia.

Libervia demo

Latest development versions
contains the backend, Primitivus and Jp
Images and other media needed to launch SàT
console display library needed by Primitivus
PubSub server component needed for SàT experimental blogging features
Libervia frontend (web server and client)

When not trivial (e.g. sat_media just needs to be extracted somewhere), the installation procedure is described in the INSTALL file that you will find in the package.

You are also welcome in our multi-user chat room:

Other sources of installation

To ease the procedure, you can also install the last SàT packages from PyPI, the Python Package Index.

Visit PyPI

Thanks to the maintainers of SàT packages, you might even find some really-easy-to-install packages in your distribution repositories!

Packages in Debian sid

But after all... the easiest is probably to run the Docker images :-)

Docker installation

Some complementary information are given on the wiki.

Visit the wiki