Salut à Toi's features

Short overview
Share your thought with microblogs or write longer articles with rich text blog messages. Together with a picture manager (not available yet, but you can still link external pictures), this covers some of the most popular Internet usages. The big difference from other popular services is that you can easily decide who will be able to read your messages and you can keep the full control over your data. Better host it yourself, or let it be done by an entity you really trust.
You can talk with one person or follow a group discussion, invite people and record your communication history... If you need to exchange sensitive information - like a password - you can encrypt your messages to ensure that nobody but the chosen person will be able to read it.
On top of the multi-user chat, you can play games and participate in activities. This is done in the same interface with nothing extra to install. For now, we offer a French card game (tarot) and an online radio system that allows you to share some music with your friends and listen to it at the same time.
File sharing
Easily send files to your contacts. Later we would like to implement a decentralised file sharing system so you can create a private peer-to-peer network within a group of friends.
Email interaction
SàT communicates with the email network, so you can use your favorite client to send or receive messages. One goal of SàT is to offer an alternative to the classical email network, with a better protection against spam and identity spoofing. Gateways can also be installed to send messages to any other network.
Not really a feature, but certainly one of the most important point: a social contract has been written, this is a moral engagement that we are due to follow - we also refer to it in the statutes of the association. SàT is not made for money or to trap people, it's a project about freedom and sharing.
Details and advanced features

For a complete listing of the features implemented by SàT, please visit the technical area.

Standard extensions

Experimental and/or non-standard features