Salut à Toi's specifications

SàT is a rich-featured XMPP client. Beside the core specifications that define the way to manage a contact list and exchange presence information and messages, it implements many standardised extensions and some other internal features.
Standard extensions
A extension that is standardized by the XSF is called a XEP. We aim to support as much as possible. For now, SàT implements the following ones:
Feature Negotiation
Extended Stanza Addressing
Multi-User Chat
In-Band Bytestreams
Private XML Storage
Ad-Hoc Commands
Jabber Search
Result Set Management
SOCKS5 Bytestreams
In-Band Registration
Chat State Notifications
Software Version
Stream Initiation
SI File Transfer
Gateway Interaction
User Mood
Entity Capabilities
vCard-Based Avatars
Personal Eventing Protocol
Delayed Delivery
Jingle File Transfer
Direct MUC Invitations
Jingle SOCKS5 Bytestreams Transport Method
Jingle In-Band Bytestreams Transport Method
Microblogging over XMPP
Stanza Forwarding
Use of Cryptographic Hash Functions in XMPP
Message Archive Management
Message Processing Hints
HTTP File Upload
Experimental and/or non-standard features
Some of these features can't be standardised because they are too specific, some others might become new standards in the future.
You can remotely control your XMPP entities and all the softwares that offer D-Bus services (e.g VLC, Okular...).
An other feature for power-user: you can export input/outputs of an Unix CLI command to any contact (using any XMPP client or even other protocols through gateways).
Parrot Plugin
Parrot mode (repeat messages between 2 entities)
This is a feature for power-user: SàT allows to send command-line tools' stdout to your contacts. This actually is as easy as knowing the name of your contact.
Blogging and microblogging with fine access tuning using XMPP roster groups. You can decide who will be able to read your posts, and avoid your coworker to see your party pictures. Moreover, you are not limited to short messages: there is no size limit and if you want, you can also write long essays and includes numerous pictures. SàT handles rich text syntaxes like XHTML and Markdown.
Dokuwiki blog importer
Import your Dokuwiki blog to Salut à Toi.
Import your Dotclear blog to Salut à Toi
Create an Imap server that you can use to read your "normal" type messages
IP discovery
This plugin helps to discover your external IP address.
Maildir Plugin
Intercept "normal" type messages, and put them in a Maildir inbox
NAT port mapping
Automatic NAT port mapping using UPnP.
Quiz game
A quiz game (under development)
Experience music with your friends: in a multi-user chat, you share a playlist; everybody can add songs to it, and everybody listens to the same music at the same time. A nice way to share your taste and discover new songs.
Register Account Plugin
Register XMPP account
Room game
Defines a referee and invitation system for the implementation of various games on top of the multi-user chat.
SMTP server Plugin
Create a SMTP server that you can use to send your "normal" type messages
Static Blog Plugin
Expose your public blogs to the web. Your public page will be accessible from any web browser and doesn't require your visitors to have an XMPP account.
Tarot cards plugin
Tarot card game
Text commands
IRC-like text commands
Text syntaxes
Management of various text syntaxes (XHTML-IM, Markdown, etc)
End-to-end chat encryption using the Off-The-Record messaging protocol